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Easily Shareable Team Metrics

Easy Metrics

Introducing DashMetrics, a platform that enables Marketing teams and Agencies to tell the story of their campaigns from start-to-finish with easily digestible infographic dashboards.


We Make Metrics Look Sexy

Metrics are the heartbeat of every company. They help shape strategy and focus resources on what’s important, but too often those metrics are hidden away in the different services companies use, or the emails that are clogging all of our Inboxes.

Companies are always looking for easy ways to share their metrics and KPIs privately, securely, and still have them look dead sexy. We know all about this because we were feeling the same pain, so we decided to do something about it. DashMetrics is our answer to unlocking your company's data, with a healthy dose of edginess.

How it Works

Dashboards are becoming one of the most valuable tools for organizations to gain visibility into how they are performing as well as help develop ways for increasing overall efficiencies. With that philosophy we designed our platform to enable users to create visually satisfying dashboards that are easily shareable privately between team members and publicly via social media.


Simple, straightforward, and intuitive design to allow for easy creation of a dashboard.

Connected Services

Connect to your favorite services via API without writing a single line of code.

Unlimited Sharing

Share your dashboards privately with your teams, or publicly via social media, but always look sexy doing it.

Create Teams

Invite team members to each of your dashboards so only the “cool kids” can view your metrics.

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Meet The Team

What started as an idea discussed over drinks and wings among friends, turned into a side-project built during nights and weekends with partners, is now a company with a trio of passionate co-founders.

We are working on making the sharing of metrics and stats among teams easier in our continued pursuit of making metrics sexy!

Chris Thompson


3X Serial Entrepreneur

Founder of WorkOrder.es

Co-Founder / CEO

Mubashar Iqbal


2016 ProductHunt Maker of the Year”

Serial side-project fanatic

Co-Founder / CTO

Joe Arcuri


Award Winning UX Designer

Co-Founder of CareerDisco

Co-Founder / CPO

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